Two Peculiar is a full service video production company, specializing in promotional media, commercials, corporate communications, event coverage, motion graphics, 3-D animation, Presentation and Voice-over.

But our real skill is in telling stories; The tools of our trade are inquisitiveness, creativity, hard work and the humility to understand what’s important is the story and not it’s tellers.

We approach every project with the same idea: to make unforgettable visual media for our clients. We achieve this with strong ideas, uncompromising passion and technical elegance – it’s what we love to do.

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Two Peculiar March Madness

For the entire month of March we offering the following   Customer Testimonials – £50   An on location interview with your customers, so they can tell the world just how amazing you are!   Company Profile video –  £100… (read more)

. 23rd February, 2015

The Joys of Freelancing

Recently we have taken to searching out work from further afield, in order to both expand our clientèle and increase our turnover.   This has resulted in many hours pitching for work only to see it be given to those… (read more)

. 17th February, 2015

Our Last Year

Since we first started Two Peculiar in October 2012 it has been quite a ride. We’ve made a lot of videos, made a few friends (and hopefully no enemies), worked for a wide array of people and had a lot… (read more)

. 8th December, 2014
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FAQ – Pre-Production

This is the first stage, where your video begins to take shape. Nobody understands your business like you do, so your input is vital to get the most out of the video! So we would meet to discuss all of the different… (read more)

. 3rd December, 2012
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FAQ – Production

Whether your shoot requires a varied multi-camera set-up, a single-camera ‘Steady-cam’ rigged or handheld production, Two Peculiar has both the gear and technical skill to make your on-location video a triumph! We produce our videos in full HD using DSLR cameras… (read more)

. 3rd December, 2012
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FAQ – Post-Production

 The third and final step of the production cycle is the editing phase, which comes after the planning and shooting  is complete. The editing process is tying all the pieces together (different shots/audio/music/graphics/etc.) into one coherent narrative, much like assembling… (read more)

. 3rd December, 2012